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Terms & Conditions

1. Starting January 2019, a 50% deposit on all orders will be required at time of order.

At this time you will need to provide a 50% deposit, date, time and specifics about your order.


2. Your initial deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, I will put it towards the same baked goods if you cancel 72 hours prior to pick up and your new pickup date is within 3 days of your original date. The reason behind this: valuable time and energy go into making your custom quote, buying ingredients/equipment and prepping for your order. I do not want you to lose your money, but I also can't undo the work that was already done.


3. Your date and order is NOT complete until we receive your deposit


4. The remainder of your total will be paid the day of pickup


5. Everything at From a Blonde's Kitchen is baked fresh within 12 hours of pickup! 

From a Blonde's Kitchen ONLY uses top quality, fresh ingredients. No no-name brands or cheap quality ingredients will be used in your order. Our products are NEVER frozen.


6. Once you leave From a Blonde's Kitchen- your baked goods are in your possession. We are not responsible for any damages.


7. When transporting large cakes- please ensure that you have a LEVEL surface to place the cake while you drive. Cakes are extremely fragile and should be handled with caution. It is recommended that two people come to pick up large cakes.


8. If you choose to include fresh flowers on your cake- you are acknowledging that these flowers are not edible and can contain added pesticides and chemicals that are not meant for consumption. Flowers are washed very carefully when picked up, but since I did not grow them organically- I can not guarantee their safety. 


9. Our products are all baked in a small communal kitchen on Long Island.

They can come in contact with gluten/wheat, eggs, dairy, milk, meat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. THERE IS ALWAYS A CHANCE FOR CROSS CONTAMINATION! Not just for my bakery- but every bakery, kitchen, and restaurant. It is your responsibility to warn your guests before consumption.


10.  We hope you truly enjoy EVERY SINGLE BITE! 



TEXT: (516) 515-0973