Ordering Process

Thank you for choosing From a Blonde's Kitchen, based on Long Island!

We currently bake & ship cookies ONCE per week! Our COOKIE DROP happens every Sunday at 10am EST.

Our website will be LIVE at that time and you can make your cookie purchases.

I ordered my cookies! When will I receive them?


Cookies will be shipped out Monday morning. USPS Priority 1-3 Shipment


I saw a cookie last week, but it wasn't available this week. Why is that?

Every week there are LIMITED cookies available. Cookies flavors will be a surprise, until the site opens. There will be new and exciting flavors to try every cookie drop. Cookies will be baked and listed prior to ordering. Cookies will be shipped out the following day. 

Are your cookies nut/allergy free?


Not all of our cookies contain nuts. However, all cookies are made in a SHARED commercial kitchen. Even if your cookie does not contain nuts or other allergens, they are made in a facility that prepares nuts & other allergens.


Cookies are made in a facility that uses nuts, dairy, yeast, meat and may contain a trace amount.

Please note, contamination is always possible.



I live locally, do you deliver?

Currently, we only deliver for large store/restaurant orders.

We do offer pick up for royal iced cookie orders because of their more delicate nature. 


How does shipping work?


We ship out every Monday morning, promptly at 8:30 am.

Orders must be placed during our weekly cookie drop. Ordering will be open until Sunday at 5pm, or until they sell out!


Can I pre-order cookies for a specific event? 


Absolutely! Special orders can be placed for orders exceeding 25 cookies. These can be placed at anytime. Please contact our email  sales@fromablondeskitchen.com discuss your cookie specifications.


Are From a Blonde's Kitchen cookies gluten-free or vegan?


We have no gluten-free or vegan options, but stay tuned!

I threw away the card that came in my box- how do I heat my cookies?

For the perfect cookie- heat cookies at 350 degrees for 5-6 minutes or Microwave for 10-15 seconds. This will give you the desired warm & gooey cookie consistency. 



For any other questions or concerns, please email sales@fromablondeskitchen.com to speak to us directly.

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