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Welcome to my kitchen.. kinda, not really. Let us try this again. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Time for you to meet the blonde behind all of these drool worthy photos (if I do say so myself). Hope that wasn't too forward. Oh well... Hey guys, my name is Rosemarie Forgione legally, but that's super long so you can just call me Rosie. I am a 22 year old blonde baker, obviously, who has a passion for baking, cooking, and a love for all outdoor activities. A current college student, I am residing on the temperamental and somewhat bipolar Long Island (New York). Seriously, if you're not from here... we get winters below zero with 3 feet of snow and summers with heat waves and humidity that is no girl's best friend. I guess it's the best of both worlds. I am heading into my final year at college, set to graduate May 2018--Studying my life away, I decided not to wait any longer. I have dreamed for sometime now to one day open a small corner cafe & bake shop where I can bake all day long and sell my baked goods with the recipes I work so hard on. As I am living on a college student budget and desperately saving every penny, that is not happening at the moment. But, I was thinking about it one day and thought- WHY WAIT ?! And I I could not think of a reason not to start my baking career RIGHT NOW! So the next day I started a baking page and started sharing my baking adventures. Shortly after I bought a domain and began setting up my webpage. Before I could even publish it, I began getting inquiries about catering and single baking sales. I was amazed. I hadn't even shared my online store and people already wanted me to bake for them?? Besides that being the biggest flattery of all time, they began recommending me to friends and friends of friends and small moment by moment I could see my vision coming true.. in a way I never imagined it. Whether this leads to my dream bakery and cook books (yeah I wanna write cookbooks too) or this is just a way to spread my joy of baking, I will enjoy every second of it and I am thankful to have you here. NOW LET US TALK BAKING! This blog section of my website is going to be dedicated to my baking adventures; Baking tips, the do and don'ts, trial and errors, some samples recipes, and so on. There are a million and two things that I wish someone had taught me when I first started baking and hey, of course I am still learning and absolutely LOVING it. No one knows everything and learning new techniques is half of the fun, but I want to share what I have learned with you all. Hopefully someone finds this useful in their kitchen. Something most people find odd is that I enjoy both baking and cooking. Ironically, this matches my personality more than anyone would understand. Being a proud Gemini (third astrological sign of the zodiac with the twins with two clashing personalities) I am a lover of both cooking and baking. The reason people see this as so odd is because cooking is more intuitive. The seasonings and flavor of the recipes are completely mailable based on the cook. Additionally, the substitution or removal of a single ingredient would not make or break your end result. Baking however, is scientifically based. A wrong measurement or ingredient will severely alter your flavor, texture, and the end result of your recipe. Besides the decorating of your cake or alternative baked good, intuitiveness is definitely not a friend of a baker.

When it comes to baking I love to experiment with my creations. I try to incorporate new flavors into cookie recipes and stuff them with fun fillings-sort of like a cookie piñata. Cooking has me staying on a slightly more reserved side. Sticking to my Italian culture, the majority of my cooking recipes stem from there. Manicotti is my favorite Italian dish to make... and devour. I may or may not always prepare a tray solely for myself and leftover purposes. Don't judge a girl who can eat. *proudly smiles*

Now that you know a little bit about myself, my goals, and my passions- I hope you continue to read my blog posts! More importantly- I hope you learn something from my posts and if you do please comment or reach out! I would love to hear from you. Happy reading & baking my friends XO The Blonde Baker

P.S. This is me

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